MW Forest Sense invests in the geodata company Arbonaut in order to accelerate digital and sustainable forestry

The Nordic company group, MW Group is, through its subsidiary MW Forest Sense investing in the Finnish geodata company Arbonaut. In doing so, it becomes a leader within geospatial information for digital and sustainable forestry. Together, the companies have developed solutions which provide a digital and holistic insight into the entire forest – both as a resource and as an ecosystem.

Forests are one of the world’s most important natural resources and never before has there been a greater need for sustainable solutions to develop this vital resource. Through the investment in Arbonaut, the companies together can offer better and more reliable decision-making support to safeguard the biological diversity in our forests and increase the value of the resources. The collaboration also creates the right conditions for further expansion and growth within the geospatial service domain.

“Our collaboration with Forest Sense has enabled the development of next-generation digital forest planning. The partnership further strengthens our ability to respond to market needs. Forest Sense’s industry expertise and strong market position have significantly helped Arbonaut in the Nordic market for digital forest information”, says Tuomo Kauranne, CEO and founder of Arbonaut.

Together, Forest Sense and Arbonaut are market leaders within collection, analysis and in the processing of geodata. The in-dept cooperation between the two companies creates capabilities that are unique on the market, an example of this is the expertise that Forest Sense has in obtaining information with the use of long-range unmanned aerial systems (UAS) with extremely high efficiency. The ability to offer advanced geospatial information of assets is a key component of Forest Sense’s customer offering.

“The availability of new technology, modern analysis methods and Arbonaut’s world-class expertise give us excellent opportunities to be a frontrunner in this field. The demand for detailed and reliable forest information increases as the global importance of forests grows as a substitute for fossil materials, carbon sinks, sources of diversity and for recreational purposes. With accurate facts and broad information, we help customers create sustainable added value from the forests, what we at Forest Sense call forest intelligence with precision ”, says Sixten Sunabacka, new Chairman of the Board of Arbonaut and Executive Partner of Forest Sense.

About MW Forest Sense:

Forest Sense is a Nordic consulting and geospatial information company that offers broad added value to professional forestry and the forest industry through high-quality services and advice based on comprehensive forest information. Forest Sense’s expertise ranges from digital data collection and analysis to consulting. Our outstanding capabilities, gives fact based and accurate insights of forests. Insights that are easy to understand and communicate.

About Arbonaut:

Arbonaut is a global forest information company whose forest information services and applications are used in more than 30 countries on six continents. Arbonaut’s services promote responsible forestry through careful inventory of forest ecosystems. Arbonaut helps public and private forest owners to prepare for ecological risks such as forest fires and to plan felling and management measures with respect for nature.

For further information or interviews, please contact:

Sixten Sunabacka, Executive Partner, MW Forest Sense, +358 40 036 6148,

Tuomo Kauranne, President, Arbonaut, +358 40 5300 622,

4 mars 2022