Maximise the value of your forest

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We provide forest intelligence with precision. By using advanced long-range UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems), multi-source digital data and sophisticated analysis we take forest planning to a new level.

Get a complete picture of your forest

Forests are more than trees and volumes. We create an insight of forests as a resource, work environment and ecosystem.

We provide an easy-to-understand picture of the full potential of the forest (higher volumes, biodiversity and carbon sequestration, higher prices and lower costs, optimized measures, and less risks).

You can concentrate your expert work on specialities that can not be recognized from remote.

Improve your biodiversity and sustainability work

Improve your biodiversity and sustainability work

We want to have a balance between the different values of forests – a balance between economics and ecology.

With accurate information about dead wood and valuable habitats, the most valuable forest areas can be protected.

Get more accurate information for operational decision making

Get more accurate information for operational decision making

With precise information about forest conditions and growth you can make good decisions on silvicultural operations and felling possibilities which improves your efficiency both in forest management and wood procurement.

By knowing the soil, terrain and moisture conditions, you can minimize the risk of damages, possible negative impact on growth and condition of the trees.

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Forest intelligence with precision

We operate a variety of long-range unmanned aircrafts driven by our your intelligence requirements. From unmanned helicopter to fixed-wing vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft approved for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations, we have the right system to gather the right data whenever and wherever you need us.

We deliver superior intelligence products by combining different data sources with state of the art analysis. In your business our outstanding UAS and analysis capabilities make the difference

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Forest intelligence with precision

We deliver an accurate picture of the full forest potential

What people say about us

"With accurate information we can much better take care of our forests. The insights from Forest Sense can be a key component in our planning."
Henrik Andersson
CEO at Oy Stockfors AB
"Forest Sense give us the information needed to take even greater responsibility for the forest from an ecological and social perspective."
Christian Rimpi
CEO at Jokkmokks Allmänning
"I look forward to more precision in forest management and a clear picture of my forests. This method gives me what I need."
Juhani Itkonen
Forest owner - North Carelia