We provide forest intelligence with precision


Your forest is unique. It is not just trees and volumes, but a whole ecosystem of complex operational conditions and biodiversity. To maximise the value of each individual asset one need to take into account the whole ecosystem and tailor a program to the specific situation and needs.


We believe the basis for this is to have the proper forest intelligence. This is more than just simple information like the number of trees and volumes - it includes an understanding of the specific operating conditions, a complete view of the measures required and understanding of the possibilities and risks associated with your particular forest.


All of this intelligence needs to be provided with precision - accurate in location, in detail and in timing. So that you can have the forest intelligence to make data-driven decisions for the benefit of your forest.

Below you can see examples of intelligence we can provide

Forest Resources and Raw Material

Forest Resources and Raw Material

Stand information

We give you all the traditional forest information you need in your resource management, but with a much higher precision. Site productivity and actual growth are determined using accurate basic data and advanced calculation methods.

Dynamic object delineation

Delineation of stands is done dynamically and automatically, according to your strategical and operational preferences. This enables you to have better insights in your planning and valuation processes.

Tree specific information

We provide you with individual tree species verifications and measurements. A growth forecast based on LiDAR change detection, (with repeated surveys) and valuation changes based on real growth.
Sustainability and damage information

Sustainability and damage information

Biodiversity identification

We support you with quantification of dead trees and mixed species as well as identification of valuable habitats and cultural conservation values to help you to make decisions on set-asides and conservation areas.

Certification and Sustainability

With our services you gain a dynamic segmentation of potential set-asides and protection areas as a basis for sustainable forestry and green forestry plans.

Damage and disease protection

We support you with the identifications of risks areas in your forest to mitigate potential damages and diseases such as spruce bark beetle in advance.
Operational Management

Operational Management

Felling assessments

We provide you with better insights on your felling possibilities to achieve and a good pricing platform and a more cost-efficient and accurate operational planning. Reliable terrain and logging condition analysis minimize risks and increase values.

Silviculture operations

Identification of the need and right timing of silviculture operations is essential for maximizing forest growth. With a high-quality and efficient UAS inventory, we are able to provide the best prerequisites for high-quality forest management.

Road conditions and maintenance

A reliable description of the state of the forest roads is a base for efficient logistics and minimizing of maintenance costs. With a high dense LiDAR survey and forest road analysis we provide you with a solid platform for logistics and road maintenance management.
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