MW Forest Sense taking remote sensing to a new level in Jokkmokk forests


Before their collaboration with MW Forest Sense, Jokkmokk Allmänning had been using more traditional methods of remote sensing to inventory and plan forest management for their 80,000 hectares of woodland. In 2021 they decided to review their way of working. They turned to MW Forest Sense, the expert on digital forestry in MW Group.


Using MW’s remote sensing capabilities, we were able to collect a broad range of data of their forests. Forest Sense partner Arbonaut did the analysis of all the material available. Together we created a unique forest ecosystem inventory solution, including new digital forest management features and ecological value mapping.

With the collected high resolution data, combined with data from multiple sources it became possible to identify various indicators for forest biodiversity and valuable habitats, which are to significant help in classifying forest ecological values. Plans and decisions became more information-based, and valuations proved the classification highly accurate.

In fact, our solutions for remote sensing and analysis provided both increased precision and higher cost-effectiveness. Making it possible to update the forest management plans more frequently.


MW’s capabilities in forest analysis and remote sensing gave Jokkmokk a much broader view of their forests. It is not more only about the mean volumes and other traditional stand characteristics. With what we call Forest Sense or intelligence, our customer got a holistic view of the forest potential, not only the economical, but also the ecological and climate benefits of their forests.

With our services Jokkmokk Allmänning got:

  • Tree specific information & Felling assessments – A growth forecast based on digital change detection
  • A superior overview of the biodiversity in their forests – We delivered a quantification of dead trees and mixed species as well as identification of valuable habitats and cultural conservation values
  • High-quality and cost-efficient end-to-end services, which provides the best prerequisites for fact-based decision making and precision forestry.


”We want to continue to use the forest in a responsible way, driving development of the industry forward, so this investment was completely right. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with the professionals at MW and its partner Arbonaut. With this precise and broad information, we can really be a frontrunner in digitalized forestry in Sweden.”

Christian Rimpi, Jokkmokks Allmänning

9 februari 2022